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True Leaders Pour Into Others


Evaluating the possibilities


Digesting information


Transferring Knowledge


Active listener


Taking notes

Training Session for Leaders.

Praise Apampa

 Believe, Empower, and Motivate with Compassion through the Wisdom of God.

Dedicated to improving the leadership skills of organizational teams and youth for more than 20 years.


Christian Pastor

Praising the name of God.

As a dynamic minister, I deliver powerful and relatable sermons that seek to empathize with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.



Innovating with charisma.

A combination of my business mentality/experience(s) and motivational public speaking will empower you to influence those around you, close more deals, and build the business of your dreams.

Leadership &

Life Coach 

Building the Next Generation of Leaders.

Develop individual leadership strengths to elevate success in your personal, professional, and spiritual life with one of New York’s influential Christian thought leaders.

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Praise Apampa

“Your mind is not insured with knowledge you possess but assured by knowledge you process.”


- Praise Apampa 

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Praise Apampa

Praise Apampa

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Nice to meet you, I'm

Praise Apampa.

One of New York’s influential progressive Christian Leadership and Life Coaches

One question that I’m often asked is - how did I become a pastor? And how did my practice in Christian faith transition into a career of leadership coaching?

A calling from God is seldom ignored, especially when is to help people tear down the walls that divide them from their goals and long-term success. I’ve developed a passion for helping people discover their true leadership capabilities through leadership development programs, motivational sermons, and the teachings of God. 

With over 20 years of experience ministering in church organizations and helping private business sectors, I have seen the difference that is made by empowering the people that I work with to embrace their strengths and uncover their hidden potential.

For me, that is why I decided to answer the call.

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What people say

Praise demands excellence, hard work, and consistency. If you aren't willing to push yourself or don't desire to grow in whatever you're working toward he may not be the right person for you.


If you are willing to put in the extra hours, so to speak, then Mr. Apampa will bring the best in you.  His ability to teach and connect has helped me become more effective. Mr. Apampa has thoroughly impacted my life.


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—  Akintunde Obafemi,

     (Met Praise in 2011)

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