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—  Akintunde Obafemi,

Clinical Data Manager

How did you meet Praise? 

Back in 2011 or '12 Mr. Apampa came to work with our church choir. 

Please describe your experience with him?

My experience with Mr. Apampa has always been positive and enjoyable. He is a dedicated to you as you are to whatever craft or project he is aiding you in. There have been times where he has driven over 2 hours to work with my church choir at what some would consider inconvenient times of the day. It's this level of dedication that separates Mr. Apampa's from other mentors, his work ethic that has bred tremendous results in our church choir. I speak for all members of my choir when I say in the time in which we have known Mr. Apampa we have grown much more and much faster than we would have without him.

Would you recommend him to your friends, family, organizations?

I truthfully think Mr. Apampa's work speaks for itself which is why I think "recommend" isn't the right word for it. People either see his work or see his work in you, whatever it is that people see the credit comes back to him. Often time Mr. Apampa's knowledge and diverse skill set allows him to sit in rooms with people of various statuses. Even if he does not hold the highest status in the room he is well respected and always makes a good impression on whoever does.

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