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The world of leadership is complex. Regardless of the type of organization — corporate, nonprofit, government, educational institution — leaders are challenged to adapt and grow in order to uphold the mission and organizational objectives.

This 8-week program is specifically for executive leaders who want a 360-approach to improve their performance, drive up productivity and achieve greater success.


At the end of this program, participants will:

  • Know how to manage different areas of their own life first, specific topics can include time management,  personal finances,  decision making/decisiveness, etc.

  • Understand the concept of managing vs. leading, and learn how to combine managerial and leadership abilities to achieve the best results

  • Identify how to apply different leadership styles and how to effectively use them to manage a team.

  • Communicate effectively with different types of people and also understand other people's communication and feedback style.

  • Know how to lead diverse teams and be culturally sensitive

  • Know how to deal with difficult people.

  • Develop critical thinking skills that are applicable to problem-solving in their organization.

  • Identify types and sources of motivation.

  • Understand how to manage change as a process for both leaders and teams.

  • Analyze conflicts and apply suitable resolution methods.


The training program includes:

  • A pre-engagement call with Praise Apampa

  •  Eight 60-minute interactive sessions via Zoom or in-person

  • Weekly assignments

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