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Time Management

This session will encourage church leaders, workers, and members to work smarter, and not harder. The idea is to help them work on their management skills to produce more sustainable and high-quality work in less time for maximum effectiveness.
Image by Immo Wegmann


At the end of this program, participants will:

  • Use priority listing methods to effectively manage time.

  • Identify and apply time management and productivity strategies, techniques, and hacks.

  • Build a personalized productivity system.

  • Plan daily, weekly and long-term work and goals to save time and reduce stress.

  • Take control of their mindset and energy to increase productivity.


The training program includes:

  • A pre-engagement call with the speaker

  • 60 - 90 minute interactive, live session

  • Optional 15 - 30 minute presentation

  • Q&A

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