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Effective Communication

This session will help leaders appreciate the nature and complexity of a specific form of communication and persuasion, and provide guidelines for boosting the strength of a persuasive message. This course is for church leaders, departmental heads and workers in leadership positions.
Communicating Through Signs


At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the complexity of persuasion as a form of communication.

  • Stimulate listeners to take actions that lead to growth, both personally and for the church.

  • Convince the audience of a point of view.

  • Call the audience to action;  To pray more, study in-depth, attend church meetings and build a personal relationship with God.

  • Connect with people in a distinct and authentic manner using biblical approaches.

  • Communicate with a sense of self-awareness and transparency whilst depending on the Holy Spirit for utterances.

  • Use verbal and non-verbal skills to pass and receive information without cultural bias.

  • Easily convey thoughts, and feelings accurately to the audience.

  • How to ensure that the communication chain is not broken through conversations.

  • Speaking clearly to avoid misunderstanding in the church, between leaders and followers.

  • How to understand other people's communication and feedback style.


All workshop packages include:

  • A pre-engagement call with the speaker

  • 60 - 90 minute interactive, live session

  • Optional 15 - 30 minute presentation

  • Q&A

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