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Personal Financial Management

This is a great session for people who want to learn how to manage their personal finances. Students will learn about analyzing spending habits, setting clear financial goals, learning different budgeting options, discussing debt repayment choices, and background on investing options.
Image by Ales Nesetril


At the end of this program, participants will:

  • Differentiate between corporate finance and personal finance as a believer. 

  • Set personal finance goals through personalized money plans.

  • Understand money managing skills.

  • Create a budget and stick to it. 

  • Master personal finance. 

  • Reduce loans and credit card debt.

  • Develop a biblical financial freedom plan.


The training program includes:

  • A pre-engagement call with the speaker

  • 60 - 90 minute interactive, live session

  • Optional 15 - 30 minute presentation

  • Q&A

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