Motivating the next generation of leaders with personalized consultations and workshops tailored to the success of you and your team.

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It’s time to embrace what makes you great.

 Through my 20+ years of experience managing private business sectors and helping develop leadership skills for various groups of all ages and backgrounds, I’ve crafted leadership development workshops to help people lead with confidence and discover their hidden strengths.

My services produce ground-breaking results in this ever-changing world for non-profits, businesses of all sizes, and individuals looking to elevate their inner potential.

“In learning you will teach, in teaching you will learn.”


- Phil Collins

Individualized Life Coaching

When it comes to creating change in yourself, there is always strength in having a good support system to help you overcome obstacles.

My personalized life coaching sessions can bring out your potential and change how you view yourself as a leader, a friend, and inspiration to others.

Discovering new forms of self-confidence.

Learning how to lead by truly being who you are.


Use  the best of your strengths and understanding your weaknesses


Help navigate through hardship and emerge stronger


Organizational Leadership

Values matter. Employees to identify with core company values and work harmoniously together towards change


My structured leadership training programs with key concepts can help you and your team collaborate, feel inspired, and have fun:

Implement strong and meaningful values into your organization.

Discover leadership dynamics that are unique to you and your team.

Lead motivationally, empathetically, and confidently.


See immediate positive outcomes geared toward your vision.

Establish an effective team with a strong commitment and focus on shared purpose and goals.


Business Financial Consulting

Working with organizations and company leaders on their financial confidence gives me great gratitude and allows me to educate and share new innovative methods.

If your business is looking for a little pep or financial growth and stabilization, my services incorporate some of the best modern business practices.

Improve financial analysis and cost control.

Perform compelling negotiations.

Create efficient and business financial practices.


Establish crucial business strategy to minimize and manage risk.

Team Development Facilitation

Forming trust and strong relationships can be fun and engaging for any size organization big or small.

As a leadership facilitator, I can help your team build a healthier team dynamic in your organization.

Help form collaborative and cooperative relationships between teammates.

Recognize untapped potential in individuals.

Organize operations and performance management.


Elevate your organization to new heights


Hear what my clients  have said about my programs

Quisquella Addison,

LawHelpNY Program Director

Working with him made me focus more on the financial health of my family and on setting realistic financial goals. He helped me to better understand money and finance and to realize that I had the power and ability to manage my finances .

Chris Mak,


My experience with Mr. Apampa created a positive trajectory in both my personal and professional lives. I still seek out his advice and guidance related to crucial life decisions and events.

Phillip Lasisi,

Client Success Associate

Praise couldn’t have come in my life at a better time, not knowing then but realizing now I was in need of a mentor who would help steer my life on the right path; it is hard to put in words all the different ways he has impacted my life.

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